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Every member of the Terminus family has their own reason for starting their  journey towards health and fitness. We are committed to understanding what our clients want to achieve, and providing an experience that fosters growth and progression towards those goals. Read what some of our clients have to say about their Terminus experience. We’ll be adding to this page frequently so please check back.

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At six months pregnant, I decided to change gyms to Crossfit Terminus (following my current coach who was moving there also). I was a little nervous coming in, not knowing how to show them what I was capable of, but wanting to still get in a good, tough workout. Ben and Emily were patient and challenging. They definitely made me feel welcome and they listened to what I felt I was able to do.

“I did Crossfit up until the Friday before I had the baby and came back at three weeks on a modified basis.”

I gained several new coaches who helped me continue the training I’d started pre-pregnancy, but also helped me modify and sub if I needed it. I did Crossfit up until the Friday before I had the baby and came back at three weeks on a modified basis – best decision I could have made. My body is strong and capable and my recovery time was phenomenal! I’m still getting back to my pre-baby strength but it’s getting better every WOD. I’m encouraged and held accountable by the awesome community we’ve got! I love our Terminus family.

— Angela Zeis, Member since November, 2014


Before starting at Terminus, I was far from my optimistic, driven, energetic self. For months prior to Terminus, I was experiencing severe chest pain and knee pain that I could not shake. At this point, I felt as though I was at a standstill, just spinning my wheels. After many rough days at work, a visit to the ER, and taking time off training, I went to the GI doctor where I learned my chest pain and possibly even knee pain was related to inflammation from the food I was eating.

I took a food sensitivity test that showed I was sensitive to many of the foods I ate on a daily basis. Although I was eating healthy, I was eating too much of the same foods too often. Eventually my body began rejecting these frequently eaten foods and toxins building within my body causing severe chest and joint pain. A few weeks prior to my first day at Terminus, I eliminated all foods causing harm. Although this helped, I was still experiencing some chest pain, inflammation and bloating/discomfort. Along with the residual chest pain, the pain in my knee was severely limiting my ability to train daily as I did before. A life full of intense limitations with diet and very little training was rough.

Mentally, I was a mess. I felt as though I was losing all of my strength and endurance. I craved a life full of consistently tough workouts and a strong support system. With the limited experience I have with Crossfit, I walked into Terminus scared and intimidated. I was also worried about starting at a box where I knew no one personally.

“The transition to Terminus was seamless and felt like the perfect fit from the very first day.”

Each person I met was welcoming. Different from many boxes is the “Foundations” or “On-ramp” course required of anyone who starts at Terminus. Through Foundations, I was able to learn basic movements, proper technique, form, and my body’s potential as well as personal areas for improvement. The coaches are dedicated to teaching a strong base of knowledge to promote safety, allowing for success in the “big-kid” classes.

During the first few weeks at Terminus, my chest pain and knee pain diminished. I attribute this to the fact that Terminus focuses largely on form, teaching the basics, proper mobility pre/post workout, and encourages healthy eating habits to fuel the body. Within the first week at Terminus, my life took a 180-degree turn, in a positive direction.

Terminus is a box full of encouragement, competition, compassion, dedication, love for Crossfit, support, friendship, community, and real people constantly pushing hard to expose their full potential as an athlete. You will get this from the moment you walk in the door. As if this isn’t enough, Ben’s programming is methodical and ingeniously planned in a way that will constantly break your body down just to build it back up allowing you to be the best athlete you can possibly be.

The cues, coaching, and focus on form are what sets Terminus apart from other boxes. Crossfit Terminus has forced me to reflect on my life as a whole, allowing me to realize what is important to me as an athlete but also in my own personal life. Terminus has taught me that balance is key in all aspects of life. This place is life changing; it is my “home away from home” with a family of caring, passionate, driven individuals. Come join the Terminus family.

— Bre Pruitt, Member since June, 2015


In June of 2006 CrossFit found me, literally.  One day my gym was a “bootcamp”, and the next we were told to embrace a workout called CrossFit.  I remember my first benchmark WOD (“Fight Gone Bad”), and how my body was in complete agony during and after that workout.  It was hard; like nothing I’d ever experienced or been prepared to do.  My body was exhausted and sore for weeks after we transitioned. I felt overwhelmed and frustrated with the new skills I was told I must learn as we delved into this “new” style of workout. I made the choice to embrace the challenge, and I am thankful every day that I stayed with it.  Something told me if I could learn the basics of CrossFit, it would be the best fitness experience I’d ever have in my life.  It has proven to be just that.  My classmates and I struggled through these things called “WODs”, cheered each other on during the workouts, and bonded over “first” double-under, pull-up and squat.  We were acquiring the basic skills of CrossFit!!  It wasn’t easy, but it was so rewarding.  I found a place that challenged me to set goals for myself, supported my active lifestyle, and provided a community of people striving for the same things.  Ben Benson became my coach in 2007.  When he and Emily Bridgers left our box and opened Crossfit Terminus in 2013, I followed them.

“I have attended other CrossFit gyms in Atlanta and elsewhere, but none match up to CFT with respect to the quality of coaching or community.”

Fast forward to 2015.  Nine years later, I am 44 years old and a very happy and healthy client at Crossfit Terminus.  Under to tutelage of Ben Benson and Emily Bridgers, I continue to acquire new gymnastics skills, and improve my lifting skills.   I am enjoying it more than ever!  I’ve never been more fit or more physically fulfilled.   When I work out I feel safe, I work hard and I have fun; all very important aspects of a workout!!  My coaches take the time to instruct us as a group and often individually before each WOD.  They follow our every move during the workout to be sure we are safe, encourage us to take risks, and are always engaged with the class. The attention to programming is unparalleled.  I can’t imagine working out anywhere else – there’s just no comparison.

It was hard for me to put into just several paragraphs all that CrossFit means to me because I feel so passionate about all the positive things it’s brought to my life.  CrossFit has bled into my lifestyle by giving me the confidence to “push through” tough times.  It’s helped me maintain focus when my life gets crazy, and it’s prepared me for many other athletic endeavors (triathlons, half marathons, etc.).  The friendships I’ve made over the years make me smile, and the accomplishments I’ve had and witnessed prove to me that every moment I’ve spent at CrossFit has been worth it.  It takes grit and determination, but if you put in the time and effort, the returns will be amazing.  I am living proof.  All you have to do is commit.

— Jennifer Eastman, Member since August, 2013


The first time I saw the Games on ESPN in 2012 I knew I wanted to try CrossFit. I had always been a gym-goer, but was still hesitant whether I was physically up to par.  At that point my body had hit a plateau and I felt I needed a new challenge. I tried CrossFit at one box and was not happy with the experience – it didn’t seem to meet my needs. It was not until about a year ago when I started at Terminus, that I fell in love with it.

Initially it was very hard and I was very humbled by the experience but it made me realize that until then, I had terrible form, a lot of body imbalances and that I was not using my body the right way. With a lot of patience, the support of the Terminus community, and the amazing coaching and elite programming of Ben and Emily, I’ve been able to overcome all of that and my life has taken a 180 degree turn.

The workouts never get easier and every day is a new challenge, but I can certainly say that every day I am getting stronger, my endurance has increased and I’ve learned things about my body and movement that I never knew – my body has shown me that it can do much more than I ever thought possible.

CrossFit is a mindset and I couldn’t be happier with how my mindset has changed. I thank Ben and Emily for giving me the tools and guiding my way to accomplish this, but more importantly I want to thank the awesome Terminus community that with time have become my biggest cheerleaders and friends.

— Paulino Sanchez, Member since October, 2014


I started CrossFit Terminus 1 year ago.  I decided to join because my husband wanted to join a gym and it’s always fun for us to do new things together.  We also enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, and camping and I thought CrossFit would be a great way to improve my ability to do the things I love.

At that time I had to use the beginner barbell and was unable to do push-ups or pull ups.  I quite often felt frustrated at my inability to do these and other movements but have been determined to stay with it.  I have loved getting plugged into the Terminus community and learning how to set new goals as I attain current ones. And while I have no plans to become a competitive athlete I enjoy seeing the huge progress I’ve achieved during the last year.

I can now do real push-ups, and recently got my first strict pull up!  Now I can’t wait to get handstand push-ups and master double-unders!

— Lindsey France, Member since August, 2014


Let me start out by saying that I have never been the “athletic” type. Before CrossFit, I hadn’t done any high school or college sports. I had just started running a few months before a friend of mine introduced me to Ben, Emily & CrossFit Terminus. 

I didn’t really know what to expect going into my first class, but I had a feeling it was going to be a wake up call. I hadn’t been pushed to my limits like that in quite some time and I knew I needed CrossFit incorporated into my life in order to achieve my health ambitions.

Since starting my journey two years ago, I’ve done so many things I never thought I’d do and am still working hard to accomplish the things I haven’t quite mastered yet. My mental fortitude has only gotten stronger and I look forward to each day I get to come in and work out at CrossFit Terminus. With wonderful training and a supportive community, I have no doubt that I will accomplish all of my fitness goals.

— Hannah Williford, Member since August 2013


While I was initially apprehensive and intimidated by even the idea of CrossFit, the Terminus community welcomed me and made me feel more comfortable right away.  The on-ramp classes were very extensive and prepared me to enter the regular classes with confidence.  The coaching and workout programming at Terminus is superior.

I look forward to a new and dynamic workout each day that continues to challenge and push me to the next level.  I am in better shape than I have ever been in; and most importantly, I feel better than I ever have.

Ben and Emily’s passion for what they do is apparent each time I walk into the gym, and I feel so blessed to be impacted by what they do every day.

— Ryan Hughes, Member since August, 2014


The day of my first workout at CrossFit Terminus, I walked up the ramp with the vague notion that I wanted to become a better athlete, but without a concrete sense of how to accomplish that. I knew some of the Games level Squat Mafia competitors in passing, but I didn’t have any real connection to anyone at Terminus. I was a little scared and a lot alone. With roughly three years history at several other CrossFit gyms in Atlanta, I had left behind my first gym full of great friends in search of a more intense physical challenge. I hoped to find programming that would push me to my limits and past them, and the coaching expertise to support this drive.

“There is pride here, but no arrogance.”

Within my first few classes at Terminus, I realized I had found the best possible coaching for me. One morning we were working on a lift, and Ben broke each section down to pinpointing exactly where our eyes should to be in relation to the bar and when our shoulders needed to settle. I was amazed. Then Emily drilled into me to push away from the pull up bar at the top and I added 5 more pull ups to my max set! Before long I even re-learned how to swing a kettlebell, complete with a physics illustration on the whiteboard. What? I was so sure I was great at kettlebell swings before! With this kind of attention to detail, at Terminus I’ve gotten better at movements that previously baffled me, and I’ve improved on things I could already do fairly well.

I came to understand that mobility is a necessity, not a waste of time, and as a result my previous aches and pains have subsided while my tissues and joints have become healthier and more flexible. I approach hydration like a second job because I understand that stopping for water during a short metcon wastes valuable time. I’ve learned to pace myself during metcons at the highest level I can maintain, and this has allowed me to shave time off my benchmark WODs and add significant reps and rounds to Open workouts from years past.

Ben’s programming for his athletes is well-considered; it’s constantly varied but not at all random. Besides these key components of effective programming and expert coaching, I grew to love the community at Terminus. There is simply a committed group of people who show up consistently, listen, encourage each other, work hard, improve, rinse, repeat. I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for when I showed up at CrossFit Terminus, but what I found far exceeded my expectations.

— Laura Stone, Member since August, 2013


From the couch to Crossfit. No, really! In 2010 I found myself fed up with the way I felt and looked and after plenty of research into local Crossfit gyms, I found myself jumping on boxes, slinging barbells and throwing around words like “snatch”, “jerk” and “kipping”. I developed a love for fitness I never thought was available to me since I was never “sporty”. I came from a way of thinking that I was born with a certain body type handed down from generations and that’s just the way it was, and was convinced I lacked any sense of athleticism.

I spent the next few years thriving with this new way of living, but still thinking there could be more. Over the course of 3 years, I was a member at two different Crossfit gyms, had experimented with about a dozen different ways of eating and had nearly lost my love for the sport. Until the stars aligned and brought me to Crossfit Terminus. It’s here where my love for fitness came back to life along with myself in general.

“It’s real people doing really amazing things every day.”

The first few months were pretty rough feeling like I had to re-learn almost every movement. But finally it was the right way to move. It was purposeful and not just meant to break you down. It was meant to build you up. I was finally being given the tools to truly transform. Not just in the gym, but outside of the gym.

There’s a general consensus among the coaches that there is no “one size fits all” in terms of nutrition, so I was encouraged to step out side the “box” and find out what truly works for me. And how life outside the gym affects not only performance inside the gym, but my future as a whole. And poses the larger question of how you want to live. In addition to the thoughtful programming and support from the coaches to move better in and out of the gym, the community is incredible.

I’ve made real connections and real friends with people that otherwise I may not have met. Terminus opens its doors to everyone who is willing to put in honest effort, and we share a common goal of simply being our best selves and living to the fullest. I’ve grown not only as an athlete, but discovered myself a little more in the process.  The tools I’ve gained here are ones that are applicable to every day life and ones that will stick. I am very grateful to call this place home.

— Jessica Mullis, Member since August, 2013


If you are looking to take your training and fitness to the next level, check out CrossFit Terminus. Not only do they have the best coaching and programming in Atlanta, the Terminus family and community is second to none.

— Steve Hoover, Member since August, 2013


Ben is freakishly smart programmer. Across the three years of being coached under Ben and doing his on-site Squat Mafia program, we have continued to compete at the highest level, qualifying for the Crossfit Games on two occasions. But beyond Squat Mafia, there is no question that our community has become faster, stronger, fitter, and most importantly, the best each can be mentally and physically in the process.

I love seeing new faces walk into the doors and surpassing their initial goals and expectations. We truly regard each other as  family at the end of the day both inside and outside of the gym.

— Allison Brager, Member since August, 2013