Trent Saldivar

Trent Saldivar


Born and raised in Colorado, Trent has always been drawn to helping others. While growing up, Trent assisted his parents in caring for his older brother, Todd, who has cerebral palsy. It was through this experience that Trent gained an appreciation for proper muscular movement, exercise, and overall health. Trent went on to study exercise science and management at Colorado State University, with intentions of owning his own gym one day so that he can guide others in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Trent was an active athlete in high school, mainly playing lacrosse. Throughout college and after, Trent worked as both a CrossFit coach and gym manager. His love for CrossFit stemmed from the precise movements and the competitive nature. He found most enjoyment in working with adaptive CrossFit athletes, and building successful training programs for their individual needs. 

It was his commitment to health and family that eventually brought Trent to Atlanta, as his family asked if he would help care for his Grandfather, who lived here and suffered from Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS). 

Since moving to Atlanta Trent has found a fitness community at CrossFit Terminus that has impressed him both in terms of the level of the athletes in the gym, as well as the level of coaching. As a coach, Trent is thorough and easy going, making sure athletes of all levels are moving safely and correctly, but also having fun and enjoying the process. 

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