COVID-19 Policies

Quick Guide to Attending the Gym. 

Basic Info:

  • Classes are limited to 16 appointments plus 1 coach
  • Appointments must be booked to take a class.
  • Masks or facial coverings are highly recommended when social distancing is not possible.
  • Please remain within your marked training space (8’x10′ area) to ensure proper social distancing during training.
  • Members are encouraged but not mandated to wear a mask or facial covering while training in your designated training space. Mask usage is recommended when you leave your designated training space (bathroom breaks, etc.).
  • Bathroom usage will be 2 members at a time.

Quick Guide for Attending Sessions:

BEFORE you come to the gym

  • If you are feeling any symptoms of illness (for example: sore throat, body aches, fever, cough or generally not feeling well), we ask that you not attend class.
  • Ask yourself the following questions: Has anyone in your home recently had a fever, cough, or any other symptoms of sickness or has anyone in your home been asked to self-quarantine? Have you come in contact with any person with a known positive COVID test? Have you taken a COVID test and are waiting for results? If YES, you should not come to the gym.
  • Limit items that you bring to the gym to only necessary items. For example, keys, wallet, phone, shoes. Personal items should be stored in the bathroom lockers and not on the training floor. Please refrain from bringing any large items or bags that do not fit in the lockers located in the bathrooms.
  • No kids or any non-members will be allowed at the gym during this time
  • Coaches will be wearing face masks while coaching within 6′ of clients.

DURING your trip to the gym

  • You will be required to arrive 5 minutes before your class time (no earlier). If you arrive earlier please wait outside and maintain at least 6 feet distance from others while you wait.
  • Masks/ facial coverings are recommended to be in use over the nose and mouth until you are in your designated training space. Once you are in your designated training space you may remove the covering for your training session.
  •  It is highly recommended to use a mask when you engage in talking or socializing in groups without maintaining social distance. Please be aware of your distance to others or simply put on a mask or facial covering when you socialize.
  • Enter the gym via the open garage door on the side of the gym. The front door and side door will be locked from the outside (unlocked from the inside). We will be using the garage door as the primary exit. Secondary exit points are from the front and side doors. Please wait until the coach calls your class in before entering the building.
  • Please store any personal items in the bathroom lockers. You will then go to your personal workout area.
  • WORKOUT! Maintain 6 feet apart from others during your entire workout. This may require some communication regarding rig/pull-up bar usage to ensure there is adequate distance between members. We recommend wearing a mask if you leave your marked area (go to the bathroom, grab equipment).
  • Once the session has ended we ask that you clean your equipment and wash/ sanitize your hands. You will have 5 minutes to exit the gym after your workout has ended.