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Toni Bottinelli

My gym time is how I prioritize myself. It’s helped me set boundaries outside the gym so I can show up for myself in class and that’s translated to being able to speak up for what I need .

December 2022 Athlete of the Month: Antonia (Toni) Bottinelli
We have so much appreciation for our community, and love to highlight one athlete each month that exemplifies hard work and commitment. Meet Toni Bottinelli! She always comes to class with a smile and positive vibe that radiates to others.  Her success in the gym can be tied directly to her genuine curiosity and receptiveness to coaching. Let’s celebrate Toni’s contribution to our community by giving her a fist bump the next time you’re at the gym!

Q: How long have you been going to Terminus? What changes have you seen in yourself (physically or mentally) since joining?

I’ve been a Terminus member since September of 2021, so just over a year! Mentally, Terminus has been one of very few constants during a trying period of time in my life. I’ve gained a huge support system that’s helped me navigate a new city and have stuck by me while I try to find my path. Fitness has always been important for maintaining my sanity and if I didn’t have a safe place to go to, that would put me to work, I would lose my mind. Physically, I’ve PR’d on almost all of my lifts despite all of my injuries, which are somehow not gym related most of the time. I’ve learned how to take care of my body and let it heal when it needs to instead of always pushing myself past what might be safe for me for a moment of satisfaction. I want to be able to do this for a long time and I’m learning to be ok with having long term goals.

Q: How has your journey at Terminus helped you outside the gym?

Being at the gym has taught me how important it is to prioritize balance in my life. I’ve gotten so much better at listening to my body and doing what it needs to be it’s best. Sometimes that best looks different from day to day. As long as I show up, and give 100% of what I have to the things that make me happy, I’m doing a good job and can be proud of myself. My gym time is how I prioritize myself. It’s helped me set boundaries outside the gym so I can show up for myself in class and that’s translated to being able to speak up for what I need in the work-place and relationships. The “me” that moved to Atlanta last August and joined Terminus is not the same person today and I’m really proud of the personal growth I’ve had this past year.

Q: Who inspires you at the gym, and how do they inspire you?

Honestly, I learn something new from everyone in all my classes. I’m constantly inspired at how strong and capable everyone is no matter their background or intention in Crossfit. I love watching us all grow and improve, and I love how supportive people are. All of the friends I’ve made here have different goals and have been doing this a lot longer than I have but just want the best for each other. There’s no judgement about our individual fitness and I really appreciate that. If I have to choose one person, I think Diana sticks out to me as someone I look up to. She’s just really cool and strong and what I want to be when I grow up.

Q: How would you describe what it’s like to be a part of Terminus?

A dysfunctional family? One of the first things I noticed about Terminus was how supportive and welcoming everyone is. The jokes, banter, and occasional roasts are my favorite part. There are the kinds of people here who you might not see every week but can pick back up with like no time has passed.

Q:  Tell us about your first day of class at Terminus.

I was SO nervous! I mean I’m always nervous, but I honestly don’t even remember the workout. I was just trying to survive! I do remember that it was a very hot afternoon class and I was very quiet the whole time. I had just left another gym before moving to Atlanta which had been paramount to finding myself and my confidence not only in fitness but in life. I was just really hoping that I would be able to find another place that felt safe and would to help me continue to grow. I definitely think I did!

Q: What is something that we may not know about you?

I recently got ordained! There was no purpose but ya never know when it might come in handy! If anyone needs someone to officiate a funeral, baptism, or wedding hmu! It won’t be a very Godly service but will probably be entertaining!

Q: What are your top 3 memories or proudest moments in CrossFit?

– Joining the 200 club for deadlifts

– My Great Fall from the pull-up bar (really set the tone for 2022)

– The first time I clean and jerked over 130lbs! I had never felt so strong

Q: Moving forward, do you have any short term or long term goals in the gym?

I think my biggest short term goal is getting better at waking up in the 5’s consistently. It’s a rough time. As far as long term goals, I really want to improve my gymnastics and upper body strength because I feel like those are what hold me back the most in WODs.