Although by its very definition an endpoint, for many members, Terminus Strength & Conditioning is just the beginning. The beginning of a thousand journeys of self discovery, inner and outer strength and curating community, friendships, and family. Every lift, run, swing, throw, push, pull and jump is a part of the greater whole. The Terminus brand itself exemplifies the idea that all who join are on a path moving forward. Though we all may start from different points on the path, and the speed at which we take that journey may look faster or slower for some, we come together to feel, be, and do better.


The ideals upheld by the Terminus community guide each member on this journey of excellence to learn, grow, exceed and succeed. The Terminus experience can be encapsulated by our ‘Terminus Order’ or a list of calls to action:

Hold the vision. Forge your path. Foster the community. Value your health. Be the change. Push your limits. Commit to consistency. Raise the expectation. Nourish your body. Perfect your movement. Train your weakness. Bring the intensity. Never stop learning. Honor your hour.

All of these serve as calls to action in the greater scheme of:
Commit. Train. Intensify.

COMMIT: To show up, on your first day and every day after you start your fitness journey. A dedication to the pursuit of growth through fitness.
TRAIN: To learn and acquire knowledge in skills, movement, and experiences in all walks of life both inside and outside of the gym. In training, we will constantly strive to be better, move better, and uphold quality in everything we do. The long term approach to training with a plan or purpose in place.
INTENSIFY: To not rest on one's laurels. A mindset. Recognizing that change requires discomfort. To commit to growth is to commit to change. The consistent, lifelong pursuit of change, growth, and accepting new challenges daily.

These three ideals provide a road map, acting as a touchstone in all pursuits of fitness.

This vision reminds each member that they are responsible for evolving into the best version of themselves. We use the Terminus community as a tool and support system in that journey. Upholding the Terminus tenets to commit, train, and intensify, each athlete commits to change themselves and forge their fitness path!