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Born from a vision of helping the greater Atlanta area reach and exceed their fitness potential, Terminus Strength & Conditioning has become a haven where individuals gather together to become stronger than their excuses.


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  • Jacquawn's success story

    It is not going to be easy but it is definitely going to be fun.

    What was your first day at Terminus like? Exciting and humbling. I was in good shape but I was not prepared just to learn movements that were out of the norm for me. It was fun to learn them and challenged me to get better at them. What made you walk th...


  • Eszti's success story

    I just wish I would've had the courage to start sooner.

    What was your first day at Terminus like? I was very nervous about the idea of joining a Crossfit gym, but as soon as I walked through the doors of Terminus I felt very welcomed. The people around me at first looked very intimidating (they were incredi...


  • Roxie's success story

    Walk through the door, and keep coming back.

    My first day at Terminus was long overdue. Between a significant fitness break caused by moving cross-country last February followed by the pandemic lockdown happening March-May that spring, I didn’t join the gym until June 2020, It had been ~5 months s...


  • Andrew's success story

    I had no idea how positive this journey could be and would be.

    What was your first day at Terminus like? I did the 7:30 p.m. on-boarding timeslot.  I cannot say I remember my first day as much as I remember my first week.  It ended with a Friday cardio burner.  800m run, 4 sets of 25 burpees and 25 sit-ups, 8...


  • Sara's success story

    I’m so excited for you, your life is about to get so good!

    What was your first day at Terminus like? A little overwhelming. I had heard what a Firebreather gym Terminus was, and so many people in there were so good! But they were also incredibly inviting and kind to me from the start.   What made yo...


  • Vickie's success story

    I came for the fitness. I stayed for the friends!

    What I love most about Terminus is that it's an incredibly supportive and encouraging environment. Terminus is truly unique. Everyone cheers for you, the coaches cheer for you, and people genuinely want to see you succeed. Terminus is founded, in a lot of...