"I’m so excited for you, your life is about to get so good!"


What was your first day at Terminus like?

A little overwhelming. I had heard what a Firebreather gym Terminus was, and so many people in there were so good! But they were also incredibly inviting and kind to me from the start.


What made you walk through the door on the first day? What made you keep coming back? 

I was looking for more of a challenge out of my gym – there were days when I was the only person in my class at my old box. I wanted to be pushed, I wanted to suffer along with lots of other folks! I fell in love with the training program and my 7a regulars – they were my motivation to keep coming back.


In your own words, what makes Terminus, special? 

What makes Terminus special is the gym’s commitment to giving back to the community and social involvement; the coaches’ great personalities, as well as their knowledge & dedication to good form; the members’ friendliness and support of one another. I’ve made so many wonderful friends at Terminus.

What have you been able to achieve since starting your Terminus journey? 

I can do butterfly pull ups, bar muscle ups, and all of my lifts increased by 20%. And across the board, my technique has improved significantly – and that’s one thing I really appreciate about Terminus: the coaches emphasize good form over heavy weight.

Looking back, what would you say to yourself on your first day at Terminus?

I’m so excited for you, your life is about to get so good!

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