"I came for the fitness. I stayed for the friends!"


What I love most about Terminus is that it’s an incredibly supportive and encouraging environment. Terminus is truly unique. Everyone cheers for you, the coaches cheer for you, and people genuinely want to see you succeed. Terminus is founded, in a lot of ways, on hope. We believe in our community, and we work to make that community better. We give back, help fundraise, we work hard, and we lift each other up. And that’s where true strength comes from, I think.

The physical benefits of joining Terminus have been obvious. People are surprised when I tell them that I’m 43. I have the bone density of a 20 year old. I can chase my six year old nephew around the yard for hours. I can move heavy furniture or do intense yard work (preferably gardening!) without any problems. I’m stronger. I eat better. I’ve lost weight. I feel better now than I did in my 30s, honestly.

But the mental benefits are where it’s at!! Terminus promotes a growth mindset, and I feel more confident and optimistic in nearly everything I do. There is no “endpoint” or “final goal;” there’s always something else to look forward to tackling. Fitness and health is a process, and that’s something that translates to pretty much anything else that you do in life. We’re never done growing and changing, even when we reach our goals. Terminus reminds me of something Shunryu Suzuki said, “Each of you is perfect the way you are . . . and you can use a little improvement.” And I think that’s a great way to be.


TL;DR: I came for the fitness. I stayed for the friends.

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