"Welcoming and open to all."


What was your first day at Terminus like? 

Very exciting! You had just opened Terminus 1.0, and I was thrilled to be there!

What made you walk through the door on the first day? What made you keep coming back?

I knew Ben and Emily from a previous gym, and had been coached for years by Ben, so I followed them to Terminus. I wanted to continue a high quality of programming as well as safe and efficient training. The coaches and the people I work out with regularly keep me coming back. I love my OGs and enjoy meeting and welcoming the newcomers.

What’s something you’ve seen improve outside of the gym since joining Terminus?  

Mental toughness in other sports (tennis, swimming, triathlons), and ability to persevere through difficult moments (emotionally and physically).

In your own words, what makes Terminus, special?

The initiative to be accepting, welcoming and open to all who are there with the same attitude.


What have you been able to achieve since starting your Terminus journey?

Getting my whole family to do Crossfit!!!!

Looking back, what would you say to yourself on your first day at Terminus?

I would say to myself that Crossfit will get you into great physical shape, build stamina and endurance, but a healthy diet, rest and recovery are equally as important to the process.

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