"I had no idea how positive this journey could be and would be."


What was your first day at Terminus like?

I did the 7:30 p.m. on-boarding timeslot.  I cannot say I remember my first day as much as I remember my first week.  It ended with a Friday cardio burner.  800m run, 4 sets of 25 burpees and 25 sit-ups, 800m run.  There were only 5 people in the class and I had not done burpees in over a decade.  As the class, one by one, started exiting for their last 800m run, I was working my way through my third set up burpees/sit-ups with plenty of reps to go.  Trent walked up, stopped me, asked for 10 perfect burpees and 10 perfect sit-ups and then released me for the last run.  I left that day more motivated for my fitness journey than when I was when I first signed up 5 days earlier.  What I appreciated, however, was Trent’s coaching and the focus on quality over quantity, especially in the earlier stages of learning.  It’s been about four months and I still try to think of that day as a benchmark and as a lesson that form is always greater than number.

What made you walk through the door on the first day? What made you keep coming back? 

I was at the end of my road with trying to try.  I knew that the only thing that would keep me consistent on my health journey was accountability. I found that immediately with the 5:00 a.m. class.  It is that class and those people, specifically, that keep me coming back.  Without that camaraderie and encouragement, I wouldn’t have kept coming back.

What’s something you’ve seen improve outside of the gym since joining Terminus?

Confidence.  When you wake up at 4:30 and by 6:00 you’ve gone through a workout that you know you could not have completed 30, 60, 90 days ago, you find the motivation to carry that throughout the day and push your limits in all things.

In your own words, what makes Terminus, special? 

The fact that I can come to a class with a dozen+ people who care about me as a person, equally want to improve themselves, and are continuously setting new goals it exactly what I was missing the past decade and exactly what makes this place special.

What have you been able to achieve since starting your Terminus journey? 

Discipline. I would love to say kipping pull ups or 10+ double-unders in a row, but I am still working on that.  In my short tenure or 4 months, I have been able to achieve a level of discipline that I have not had since playing college athletics.  This routine has taught me discipline and consistency.

Looking back, what would you say to yourself on your first day at Terminus?

Besides, “Why didn’t you start this earlier?”… I would congratulate myself. I had no idea how positive this journey could be and would be.

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