"Walk through the door, and keep coming back."


My first day at Terminus was long overdue. Between a significant fitness break caused by moving cross-country last February followed by the pandemic lockdown happening March-May that spring, I didn’t join the gym until June 2020, It had been ~5 months since my last CF class in Iowa City and I was out of shape, nervous about getting my butt kicked, yet still excited to be back in the gym. Trent and the 5:30pm class were both incredibly welcoming, beginning with the intros and “question of the day” to break the ice. 10 rounds of deadlifts and burpees later…. I realized that I was home and I COULD come back from being out of shape, one day at a time. I’ve strived to attend daily ever since.


My husband and I were Terminus members when we lived in Atlanta in 2016 and really enjoyed the atmosphere. We moved to Iowa City for ~3 years and I knew if we ever moved back, Terminus would be a critical part of my local Atlanta community. The smart and challenging programming, attentive coaching and supportive and welcoming community keep me coming back each day. It’s truly remarkable to be a part of a community that welcomes you for who you are as an individual and cheers you on to achieving goals you didn’t think possible.


Since being a regular member of Terminus, my discipline and confidence have both improved outside of the gym. I think the programming, coaching, and community combined are what make Terminus so special. The programming and coaching challenge you and help you become the fittest “YOU” that you can be. The supportive and welcoming community push you and challenge you to work beyond your comfort zone each day, which leads to breakthrough improvements more quickly.


In the last 9 months, I’ve achieved several significant 5+ year old PR lifting goals that felt like unicorns until this year, including Deadlift, Back Squat, Front Squat, and Clean. I’ve also improved several gymnastics movements, including T2B, C2B Pull-ups, and the illusive BMU. Overall, I feel like I’m just continuing to get fitter every day, thanks to all the cardio programming. I was not happy with my body image last spring when I joined, and more importantly, with how I felt. Since joining Terminus, I’ve gained energy, increased muscle mass and lost ~4% body fat (Dexa scan), primarily through the discipline to attend class daily and listen to my body (sleep / strain / recovery).


Looking back on my first day at Terminus, I would tell myself to invest more time making personal connections with the members in each class I attend. Everyone has a unique story and personal fitness journey. I’m inspired daily and continue to learn so much from my classmates about techniques for lifts / skills and building mental toughness. I also love helping others by sharing my aha’s and tips for various movements and cheering others on to push beyond their comfort zones. Our community is incredibly supportive and inspiring!

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