"I just wish I would've had the courage to start sooner."


What was your first day at Terminus like?

I was very nervous about the idea of joining a Crossfit gym, but as soon as I walked through the doors of Terminus I felt very welcomed. The people around me at first looked very intimidating (they were incredibly fit), but they ended up being the kindest and most supporting group of people I’ve honestly ever met.

What made you walk through the door on the first day? What made you keep coming back? 

I originally started because I was looking for a consistent workout routine, but I stayed for the community. Really didn’t have any expectations going in (besides just getting through the workout), but I just keep coming back because I have so much fun!

What’s something you’ve seen improve outside of the gym since joining Terminus?

Well I started when we were at the Terminus 1.0 location so I’ve seen a lot of changes with the equipment we use, the coaching staff, and new members cycling in. That said, the original vision has never changed. The community is great, I laugh every day, and I feel great about my physical and mental health. I also work in a very competitive technology sales role, and starting my day at the gym helps me achieve my work goals. Trust me if you can get through a thruster, burpee, box jump workout at 6am- you can get through anything.

In your own words, what makes Terminus, special? 

Terminus is special because it’s one of the only “constants” in my life. No matter where my job, my family, a global pandemic (!) take me, I always know that I have a place to go to feel at home.

What have you been able to achieve since starting your Terminus journey? 

I lift more weight than I ever thought I could, and do movements that my friends couldn’t even attempt! It makes me feel good knowing that the movements we do at the gym are functional and translate to everyday life.

Looking back, what would you say to yourself on your first day at Terminus?

I would just tell myself to enjoy the journey and keep at it. :)

To be completely honest, I really never thought I would do crossfit because I didn’t think I was strong enough, fast enough, or agile enough. These beliefs have probably held me back from doing a lot of things in my life, and if I hadn’t joined Terminus I would probably still subscribe to this narrative. Everything about me has changed since my first day, and I just wish I would’ve had the courage to start sooner.

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