"It is not going to be easy but it is definitely going to be fun."


What was your first day at Terminus like?

Exciting and humbling. I was in good shape but I was not prepared just to learn movements that were out of the norm for me. It was fun to learn them and challenged me to get better at them.
What made you walk through the door on the first day? What made you keep coming back? 
I was looking for a close-by gym and thought I’d stop by. I meant Trent and he was excited even after his shift to share what the gym was about. I also so an old instructor of mine was a member. What made me keep coming back was the intense classes, the people, and the goals I wanted to accomplish.
What’s something you’ve seen improve outside of the gym since joining Terminus?
My day-to-day work and life are just less stressful and have become more relaxed. I used to really be uptight about work but since joining the gym I get to look forward to the workout while feeling the workout from the day before. I can give all three dogs of mine a run for their money now.
In your own words, what makes Terminus, special? 
What makes terminus special is that the community is diverse. They love to relate to each other, help each other, and everyone wants each other to grow. Terminus staff holds a standard for themselves and they go above and beyond to be awesome.
What have you been able to achieve since starting your Terminus journey?
I got back into the best shape I have ever been in, I have developed great friendships with Melana Marcie, and Sam and competitive spirits like Kenny and Terrence. I continue to look at the next skills and growing every day I come here.

Looking back, what would you say to yourself on your first day at Terminus?

It is not going to be easy but it is definitely going to be fun. Do not be so afraid to try new things early on.

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