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Sarah Pritchard

"I always feel better when I leave than when I arrived!"

November 2021 AOTM: Meet Sarah Pritchard
We have so much appreciation for our community, and love to highlight one athlete each month that exemplifies hard work and perseverance. Sarah brings a tremendous amount of positive energy and a strong work ethic to each and every class. She has shown tremendous progress both inside and outside the gym. 
Make sure to give her a fist bump the next time you’re at the gym. 

Q: How long have you been going to Terminus? What changes have you seen in yourself (physically or mentally) since joining?

I’ve been at Terminus for a year now and couldn’t be happier! I’ve really seen my skill work improve since joining – the little things like an efficient kip and getting comfortable being upside down (even if it’s just kicking up to a handstand). Like many of us, I tend to avoid things that I’m not very good at, but the coaches here always push me and have great cues and modifications so I don’t always fall back to the same scaled movement without even attempting to get better at those things.

Q: How has your journey at Terminus helped you outside the gym?

My journey at Terminus has really helped me outside the gym by providing a routine and stability over the last year that has been anything but routine and stable. I know that every time I show up to class I get to spend one hour forgetting about whatever else is going on and I always feel better when I leave than when I arrived.

Q: Who inspires you at the gym, and how do they inspire you?

So many people inspire me at Terminus – I especially love seeing the new moms (and dads) in the gym day in and day out setting examples for their babies. Being a part of Terminus is like being in a really big supportive family – no matter which class you’re in there’s a group of people who are working towards similar goals and are there to suffer with you and cheer you on. From my first class at Terminus I felt welcomed, challenged, and a part of a community.

Q: What is something that we may not know about you?

Something you may not know about me is that I am obsessed with the Disney parks – like Terminus, the time I spend there with some of my favorite people takes me out of reality for just a moment and I feel better when I leave than when I arrived. It’s a magical feeling.

Q: What are your top 3 memories or proudest moments in CrossFit?

My top 3 moments in CrossFit:
1. Getting that first pull up in an open workout.
2. Completing Grace Rx.
3. The feeling I had after the first time I did the Filthy Fifty – I was brand new to CrossFit and thought there was no way I could push myself that hard and live to talk about it (and I probably talked to everyone about it for the next few weeks).

Q: Moving forward, do you have any short term or long term goals in the gym?

Moving forward I really want to focus on getting faster and continuing to improve my gymnastics.

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