Morgan Robertson

Morgan Robertson


Raised in the country, and spending most of her time outside, Morgan was born to be active. At the age of 12 she discovered her love for basketball, which catapulted her to a Division I collegiate career and 2 seasons professionally overseas. After retiring from the sport, Morgan was itching to find her next physical challenge. After a brief stint in boxing, she realized getting hit in the face wasn’t necessarily her favorite past time and decided to give CrossFit a try in the early aughts of 2012. A self-proclaimed aspiring 6ft gymnast, Morgan reflects on her beginnings in the sport, struggling to do a single pull-up or a “real” push up and is incredibly proud of how far she has come. Both her personal fitness and health journey were the inspiration behind her becoming a coach. As a type 1 diabetic and someone living with an autoimmune disorder, managing a life altering disease intentionally through her nutrition and fitness, she see’s no other accomplishment more rewarding than helping members conquer their own health goals.

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