April 2023 Athlete of the Month: Meet Carl Knight

April 2023 Athlete of the Month: Carl Knight
We have so much appreciation for our community, and love to highlight one athlete each month that exemplifies hard work and commitment. Meet Carl Knight! Sadly this is Carl’s last month with us as he will be moving with his husband to Chicago. As a core member of the afternoon crew, Carl has always shown up, worked hard, and encouraged other members. Not only do we appreciate him for bringing the staff some of his fine baked goods, but also for showing all of us that age is just a number! Don’t forget to give him a high five and a farewell hug next time you see him at the gym! Let’s dive into his journey at Terminus a little further:

Q: How long have you been going to Terminus? What changes have you seen in yourself (physically or mentally) since joining? 

I joined in November of 2020. I’ve definitely gained overall strength. When I started, my CrossFit total max was back squat 245LB, shoulder press 105 and deadlift285LB (635) and now it’s 280LB, 115LB, 330LB (725)! I’m proud of that progress.

Q: How has your journey at Terminus helped you outside the gym?

The culture and community helps me keep my perspective broad! I’m not afraid to try new activities and seek new adventures, physical and mental! My first response to a new challenge is “why not?” I can pick up a heavy weight, do dozens of pull ups, do hundreds of double unders, suffer through burpees, surely I can do this!

Q: Who inspires you at the gym, and how do they inspire you?

My WOD squad, Lauren Tilson and Diana Wong – these women are so strong and they inspire me every day! Also, it’s good to have a small crew to complain about the horrors that Ben has concocted before we do it anyway.  All the 6pm peeps who come out every day and put in the work Ro, Ruslan, Sam, Sam, – we all encourage each other and cheer each other on, to the last of us at each WOD

Q: How would you describe what it’s like to be a part of Terminus?

It’s a collaborative, cooperative group, working to a common goal – better fitness and health, NO MATTER WHERE each individual is on that journey. I get great joy out of the encouragement and coaching we all give each other.
Also, the coaches themselves are pretty swell.  I’m looking at you, Patrick and Madison and Ryan!

Q: Tell us about your first day of class at Terminus.

Back squats! Terminus, you had me at hello! I remember Trent (who was coaching at the time) watching me intently, but giving me enough space to understand my level of competency and not just assuming skill (or lack thereof).

Q: What is something that we may not know about you?

I can crochet a lovely scarf.

Q: What are your top 3 memories or proudest moments in CrossFit?

*This year was my 9th Open!
*The first time I cleaned over 145LB – I was stuck at that number for SO LONG!
*Getting my double unders strung together – if you don’t have them today, my advice is just keep trying. If I can get them, you can too.

Q: Moving forward, do you have any short term or long term goals in the gym?

To keep working hard and cherish every moment until the last day. Who knows, maybe I’ll get another PR between now and May 10th!

Terminus Ladies Killing the Game!

Congratulations to members Nicole Quilliam and Arielle Sanders on their huge accomplishments over the weekend!

Nicole PR’d her marathon time at the Houston Marathon – running an impressive 2:52:00!

Arielle placed 8th at Wodapalooza in Miami, earning TWO event wins on the final day.


So proud of your ladies!

Turducken Games WOD Announcement!

Workout 1: Holiday Traffic
For Time:
In 20 foot sections Partner 1 completes then partner 2 completes:
20 Double DB Deadlifts
200’ Farmer Carry
10 Devil Press
200’ shuttle run
Then both complete
200’ Wheel barrow walk
RX:M#50/ W#35
Scaled:M#35/ W#20

Workout 2: Mashed Potatoes
Rx: Partner 14 min AMARAP
60 Cal Row(MM) (52MF) (45FF)
50 Toes to Bar
40 Wall Ball shots M #20 to 10’/ W#14 to 9’
30 Power cleans M#135/W#95
20 Bar Muscle Ups
*Switch Partners as needed

60 Cal Row(MM) (52MF) (45FF)
50 Hanging knee raise
40 Wall Ball shots M #16 to 10’/ W#10 to 9’
30 Power cleans M#95/W#65
20 Pull-ups

Workout 3: Dinner with the in-laws
RX: 9 Minute clock
Complete 6 alternating rounds (3 rounds each partner)
9 Thrusters M#115/W#85
36 Double Unders
With remaining time complete
Max Rep Squat cleans M#195/W#135

Scaled: 9 Minute clock
Complete 6 alternating rounds
9 Thrusters M#95/W#65
54 Single Unders
With remaining time complete
Max Rep Squat cleans M#125/W#85

Final Workout: TBA

Don’t fret about the pull-ups & bar muscle-ups! This is a great opportunity to challenge yourself & rise to the occasion! We plan on forming partnerships based on strengths and weaknesses. It’s ok to rely on your partners to carry you a little bit!

The Turducken Games are back for year 2!

We invite all current and former Terminus members to compete in this friendly partner competition! The competition will be held on Saturday November 12th from 8am-12pm. The competition will be made up of 3 scored events + a surprise floater event. There will be an Rx division and a scaled division! You pick the division, we pick your partner! The Top 3 teams from each category will compete in a final workout as well! Cost to sign up is $10 plus a non perishable food item to be delivered to the free fridge in EAV before Thanksgiving. Top podium spots will be competing for a chance to win a Turkey! If you do not wish to compete, but still want to participate, we would love to have you as a volunteer!

8 quick competition tips:

  1.  Eat a sufficient amount of food the day before competition. Consider increasing nutrient dense carbs a bit more than you normally eat.
  2. Hydrate the day before competition and on competition day. Drink a minimum of 64oz water. Consider adding electrolytes.
  3. Get a good night’s sleep. Start winding down by 9:30. Lights out by 10pm.
  4. Do not eat or drink anything out of the ordinary on competition day. Stick to the norm. Eat a sufficient breakfast and do not do anything weird like experiment with pre-workout for the first time.
  5. Short workouts require a longer warmup. If it’s a sprint workout, make sure you’ve gotten your heart rate high and worked up a good sweat. Longer workouts require less warm-up time but make sure your body is loose and you’ve talked through strategy with your partner.
  6.  Immediately following each workout, make sure you cool down at about 50% effort for at least 5 minutes. This will allow your body to be more fresh for the next workout.
  7.  Plan to eat something with protein and carbs within 20 minutes after each event. Eat/drink a little bit, even if you don’t feel hungry.
  8. Enjoy the day! Nerves are good. Be proud of yourself for doing something challenging.

Halloween At Terminus!


Halloween means partner pumpkin WODs at Terminus! In our normal Saturday class times we encouraged our members to get creative with their costumes and gave brownie points for coordinating. We provided pumpkins that were incorporated into each movement of the workout, and you can tell what a great time our people had!

Terminus Dominates On the Field

After a lengthy off-season due to COVID, Terminus is back and better than ever – fielding a championship coed flag football team! The crew, made up of members from all different class times, participated in the Sunday morning Piedmont Park league and took home a championship win together! We’re looking forward to another awesome season in 2023!

Hip Hop = Functional Fitness

Hip Hop is Back! Terminus members took the dance floor with this specialty class – having loads of fun, laughter, and a great workout too!  This event was FREE for Terminus members and their friends!  Our instructor, Mandi Young, came back for the fourth year in a row to challenge our members, and she was a fantastic leader! Here’s to another dance off in 2023!

Terminus Turducken Games!

In-house Team Competition: Saturday Nov 6th
The “Terminus Turducken Games”  have arrived!  Calling all Terminus members! You are invited to participate in this “members only” in-house competition!  This will be a partner competition for charity! The competition will take place on Saturday, November 6th from approximately 8am to 12pm!  There will be an Rx division and a scaled division, both divisions will have 3 workouts + a final workout for the top 3 teams.
Sign-up Info: Please email your name, and division (Rx or Scaled) to [email protected]
Deadline to sign up is 11:59PM Sunday October 31, 2021. No exceptions!
Please note: The Terminus staff will be picking your partner! Partner selections will be released on Tuesday Nov 2!
Volunteers: Don’t want to compete but still want to hang out and participate? We will need a small group of volunteers to help with judging, score keeping, and set-up/ tear down. Please let us know if you would like to sign up to volunteer for the event by emailing [email protected].com
Charity info: 
Terminus members Leigh Ann Williams and Brooke Christian are social workers for schools in South Fulton County.  They work directly with kids and families who are considered high needs in terms of resources.  We will partner with them to provide food for Thanksgiving for as many families as possible!  Your entry fee for the competition will be a $10 gift card to Kroger ($20/team). In addition, we will have a list of specific food items that all members can purchase and leave at the gym in designated food box between Nov 1st and Nov 17th!
The Workouts:
Please note that no further scaling or substitutions will be given. Movements, weights, and standards are absolute! “It is what it is!”

Event 1:
Partner 1: 9 power cleans/9 Burpee Box Jump overs
Partner 2: 9 power cleans/9 bbjo
P1: 12 power cleans/12 bbjo
P2: 12 power cleans/12 bbjo
P1: 15 power cleans/15 bbjo
P2: 15 power cleans/15 bbjo
Rx: 135/95#, 20” box

Scaled: 95/65#, 20” box, step up and overs allowed

Event 2:
For time: (switch partners as needed)
80 Toes to bar
70 cal row (MF: 60 Cals) (FF: 50 cals)
60 chest to bar pull-ups
50 cal row (MF: 45 cals) (FF: 40 cals)

For time: (switch partners as needed)
80 Hanging Knee Raises
70 cal row (MF: 60 Cals) (FF: 50 cals)
60 Jumping chest to bar (standing on box, arms overhead, bar height at elbow)
50 cal row (MF: 45 cals) (FF: 40 cals)

Event 3:
P1 completes
2 rounds for time:
10 Handstand Push-ups
20 Front Squats M#155/W#105
40 double unders

Tag partner

P2 completes
30 wall ball shots (20/14# to 10/9’)
Immediately into
3 rounds of ‘DT’
12 Deadlift
9 Hang Power Clean
6 Push jerk

2 rounds
10 shoulder to overhead M#75/W#55
20 front squats M#75/W#55
60 single unders

Tag partner

30 wall balls (M#14/W#10 to 10/9’)
Immediately into:
3 rounds ‘DT’
12 Deadlift
9 Hang Power Clean
6 Push jerk

Event FINALS: Top 3 teams for RX and Scaled
TBA day of event

Terminus Golf Outing

Say What!?! Terminus Golf Outing
When: Saturday October 2nd
Where: Candler Park Golf Course

We will head to Candler Park Golf Course on Saturday, Oct 2nd! Groups of 4 will tee off together and play this “walking only” 9 hole course! We will start at 8am and each group will tee off 9 minutes apart. We will take the ‘best ball’ for each hole to determine a team score at the end of the day! Winning team gets bragging rights! Depending on the number of people who want to play, we imagine everyone will start between 8 and 9am. Please email [email protected] by Monday, Sept 20th if you are down to play! In the email, please note whether you have never played, played less than 10 times, or more than 10 times, and if you own a set of clubs! We will do our best to put together even teams! Terminus will cover the cost of the event.