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Glo Ross


We have so much appreciation for our community, and love to highlight one athlete each month that exemplifies hard work and commitment. Meet Glo Ross! Glo is an awesome addition to the 5am Family! You’ll never catch Glo in a situation where she isn’t giving 110%! Her focus on technique and proper movement patterns is almost unequalled, and she is no doubt one of the most coachable athletes at Terminus! Let’s dive into her journey at Terminus a little further, and give her a high five next time you see her at the gym!

Q: How long have you been going to Terminus? What changes have you seen in yourself (physically or mentally) since joining?
I’ve been at Terminus for about 14 months now. Since joining, I’ve noticed changes in my strength (my chest-to-bar pull-ups feel much stronger) and mobility (the video links in the cool-down section of the push press app are golden).

Q: How has your journey at Terminus helped you outside the gym?
Being injured and having to scale so many of the movements during the WOD has helped strengthen my ability to go at my own pace in any setting and not let comparison to others steal my personal victories.

Q: Who inspires you at the gym, and how do they inspire you?
Every single person who shows up! The ladies of 5 am, especially Kathryn and Emily, always get after it and give it their all every day. And the coaches—they’re always willing to help me modify the workout and encourage me to go hard despite my limitations.

Q: How would you describe what it’s like to be a part of Terminus?
To me, it feels like a welcoming and supportive place to choose your own adventure with your fitness journey. There are world-class athletes training next to first-timers—all showing up and doing what they can to get a little bit better.

Q:  Tell us about your first day of class at Terminus.
It was a Saturday hero WOD with Coach Sonya. I don’t remember the details, but I know there was SO much running and SO many pull-ups… I was the last one to finish, and folks cheered me on until the end. The quality coaching and the great vibes brought me back.

Q: What is something that we may not know about you?
I spent my childhood in the Marshall Islands. Beautiful people, islands, and ocean, with an ugly legacy of US nuclear testing. Many folks don’t know about the Marshall Islands, but look it up when you get a chance.

Q: What are your top 3 memories or proudest moments in CrossFit?
There have been times when I’ve amazed myself – like when I achieved legless rope climbs and maxed out my bench press. But honestly, my most recent proudest moment was performing an unassisted squat to a box without any pain. I’m also proud of all the strength I’ve built in my glutes and my hip flexors. These achievements may seem unremarkable, but I assure you that I’ve never worked harder for a goal.

Q: Moving forward, do you have any short term or long term goals in the gym?
I was inspired by all the Terminus athletes who participated in the Open this year. I hope to join y’all in 2025.

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