Customer of the MonthNovember

Iris Nevins

One key to success in the gym is making a commitment to consistency and not deviating from that plan. Iris shows us how that strategy can transform your body and mind. Get to know Iris here, and make

Q: How long have you been going to Terminus? What changes have you seen in yourself (physically or mentally) since beginning CrossFit?

It’s been 1.5 years at Terminus and 2.5 years overall but prior to Terminus I was not consistent at all. Since Terminus I’ve seen lots of growth in my upper body strength, I have more endurance, I’ve lost about 20 lbs, and I’m no longer pre-diabetic :)

Q: How has Terminus helped you outside the gym?

Terminus is a key part of my routine. I juggle a few projects outside of work which can be overwhelming, and emotionally I can sometimes be all over the place. Crossfit helps me stay centered. It helps me reset, de stress, and stay focused. I’ve also made some friends which makes living in a new city much more enjoyable.

Q: Who inspires you at the gym, and how do they inspire you?

I’m inspired by Emro’s upper body strength and I’m striving to get on her level! I admire Hannah’s hard work, she puts it all on the table at every class! But overall I admire all the badass women who always push themselves. Some days I feel lazy and wanna do the bare minimum but these women have been inspiring me to try harder even on those days that I feel depleted!

Q: What is something that we may not know about you?

Ummm. . . I guess I love to travel and I’ve been to 4 continents :)

Q: Any advice for someone considering trying Terminus for the first time?

Don’t let what you can’t do yet discourage you. Take it day by day, some movements will take years to get and that’s okay. Also showing up is the most important thing. Just come to class!

Q: What are your top 3 memories at Terminus?

I remember my first Saturday workout which scared me from coming back on Saturdays for almost a year. Getting my first strict pullups was a great feeling. And Monday classes with Patrick are just HILARIOUS!

Q: What’s your proudest accomplishment?

Finally being able to do strict pull ups! I can now do 3 unbroken. Hopefully I can double that next year.

Q: Moving forward, do you have any short term or long term training goals?

I want to keep getting stronger and building endurance. My cardiovascular and lung strength needs a lot of work. Long term I want to be able to do less scaling on things like pull ups, pushups, handstand pushups, etc and just do the original workout all the way through.