Bryson Eller

Bryson Eller


Bryson Eller is a Level 1 Crossfit Coach. An artist at heart, Bryson  took an interest in working out in high school, but didn’t start taking his fitness seriously until he reached college. At the age of 20, his roommate invited him to try out his first class at Terminus. Within a month of CrossFit, Bryson already noticed specific changes in his endurance level & mental health. From there, he decided to commit to Terminus Strength and Conditioning for his fitness journey. Almost 4 years later, Bryson has found a passion in helping others achieve their fitness goals as well. He received his L1 certification in the summer of 2022, and joined the Terminus team back in September of 2022. Bryson believes whole heartedly in the power of challenging yourself daily & he takes joy in getting to help members reach their full potential.

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