August 2021 Pull-ympics


We are excited to announce our newest challenge. This challenge will help everyone improve one simple element that is the key to unlocking not only higher level gymnastics movements, but also your weightlifting as well. No surprise here! It’s your upper body pulling strength that needs some work. This challenge will help focus your attention on developing not only your pulling strength, but your endurance as well!

What are the Pull-ympics???
It’s a commitment!
We have 3 different levels available.
Gold level: Complete 1000 Strict Pull-Ups during the month Of August
(this breaks down to roughly 32 pull-ups a day)
Silver Level: Complete 800 Strict Pull-Ups during the month of August
(this breaks down to roughly 24 pull-ups a day)
Bronze Level: Complete 600 Strict Pull-Ups during the month of August
(this breaks down to roughly 19 pull-ups a day)

But I can’t do a pull-up!?!
This challenge is for you! Strict pull-ups can be done with band assistance! By the end of the month we fully expect that with consistency you will finally grab that major milestone with your very first strict pull-up!

How do I join the challenge? 
Easy. Send your name and level of commitment to [email protected] by August 1, 2021!

What do I get if I join and complete the challenge? 
Primarily you’ll get stronger, better and more fit! No more cherrypicking those pull-up days. But seriously we are offering 3 different small prize packages (one for each level) to incentivize your progress!!!

Anything else I should know?

Yes! Here are the details! Read and reread!

  • You will have 31 days to complete the challenge: Start date is August 1, and the end date is August 31.
  • You must make your commitment by email to Ben no later than 11:59PM on August 1. We will not allow any late entries! Please include your name and level of commitment (Gold, Silver, or Bronze)
  •  Everyone that joins the challenge must keep some type of record or spread sheet. That record should be electronic, and include the date, time, and number of pull-ups completed for each day that you work toward your commitment level goal. We will require an electronic record submitted to Ben at the end of the challenge to claim your prize! We highly recommend keeping a video log via IG, or Facebook to track your progress (although not necessary to redeem your prize).
  • Pull-Ups start from a dead hang and must be strict chin over bar with full range of motion demonstrated throughout movement. See the video for demo! Kipping pull-ups will not be allowed! Bands are allowed!
  • You do not need to complete pull-ups everyday! Rest days are encouraged but realize that you will need to double up for everyday that you miss!
  • If you currently don’t have a strict pull-up, we highly recommend sticking with the bronze level. This will be a much more appropriate volume. Use bands to assist and slowly try to decrease resistance as the challenge goes on. The goal is to grab your first real pull-up by the end of the challenge! Appropriate resistance allows for approx 3-5 reps unbroken (try to avoid making it easy just to get your reps done).
  • The challenge is separate from the daily programming. You can’t count WOD reps toward the monthly total!!!
  • We highly encourage using some type of grip (Victory Grips are the best) to prevent wear and tear on your hands. We also encourage developing a hand and body maintenance routine!
  • Any other questions??? Please send to [email protected]
Strict Pull-Up demo