Chase Burnworth

Chase Burnworth


Coach, motivator, athlete.  Chase played basketball for years growing up, getting stuck in the same predictable gym routine throughout his teenage and college-age years. He had heard about CrossFit and had always been curious about it-after trying it out, he was hooked.  He very quickly obtained his Level 1 CrossFit certification because he wanted to improve his movements, his fitness, and improve himself all the way around. Chase came to CrossFit Terminus as a valuable member to our community because, in his words, he wanted more training, more variability, more coaching, and more equipment.  He walked in our doors one month after the Grand Opening in September 2013 and “was amazed by the level of the athletes and the coaching quality.”  After shadowing Ben and coaching casually as a peer in classes, Chase naturally fell into one of our main coaching roles. Chase is known for his excitable nature, always pushing our athletes to the next level.  He wants to see people give their all and not only reach their fitness goals, but to exceed them!

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