Yoga With Britney Kidd!

New addition to our schedule! 
Terminus is proud to announce the addition of a Sunday Yoga class with our very own Britney Kidd!! Unroll your yoga mat for an invigorating full-body flow where you’ll experience a combination of movement, joint training, and stillness that reduces inflammation, strengthens, tones, and settles the mind. Recalibrate all aspects of your physical and mental well-being.
This is a 60 min music-based class: 20 minutes of warming, opening the body, and building internal heat through preparatory postures and breath-to-movement flow. 30 minutes to target your strength, ROM and stability-building power yoga practice. 10 minutes of cool-down postures to compliment and counter your full practice.

The Details:
Dates: Every other Sunday starting this Sunday September 12th (upcoming dates 9/26, 10/10)
Time: 9:00AM
Cost: $10 Yoga passes should be pre-purchased via Pike 13 or we will charge your account after class
Equipment: Please bring your own Yoga mat and towel!
*You must reserve your spot for each class in advance. Enrollment can happen up to 15 minutes prior to the start of class and as far as 31 days in advance. We strongly encourage you to register for classes as far in advance as you’re able. We highly recommend using the Pike 13 app (for Android and iOS). The app is easier to use than going through a web browser ( and allows for notifications to be sent directly to your phone. 

*To register for class: 
Tap Services.
Select ‘Yoga’.
Find the yoga class you’d like to attend and click ‘Enroll’.

Click “Purchase a single visit pass.”
Complete check out with payment info.
Click Finish.

*To cancel a class:
Select ‘My Activities’ to see your enrolled classes.
Click the class you’d like to cancel.
Click ‘Leave Class’ 

If a class is full, a waitlist will become available on Pike13.
A notification will be sent to you if a spot becomes available and you are automatically bumped up from the waitlist.
Members are responsible for knowing whether they’ve been enrolled in class from the waitlist. 

*Late Cancellation/No Show Fee:
Members will incur a $10 fee for not showing up to a class they’re registered for or for cancelling a registered class too late (within 1 hours of class start time). 

*Late Cancellations:
For “Yoga” classes on Pike13, cancellation can happen up to 1 hour before class to avoid a $10 fee (for example: if you’re registered for 9 a.m. Sunday class, you may cancel until 7:59 a.m. Thursday without incurring a fee).